virtual assistant

HOURLY SUPPORT and retainer services


  • Schedule management
  • Bookkeeping and Quickbooks
  • Branding forms & paperwork
  • CRM setup and management
  • Data entry


  • Photo, navigation, or copy changes
  • Shopify assistance and maintenance
  • E-commerce setup and updates
  • Blog post formatting & scheduling
  • Installing Google Analytics, tracking codes, etc. 
  • Integrating email service provider with website
  • Affiliate management

Website Updates & Tech

  • Lead magnets
  • Workbooks & PDF creation
  • Media kits
  • Newsletter design
  • List management
  • Formatting emails, scheduling & automation setup

Graphic Design & Email Marketing

As your virtual assistant, I can help with a variety of tasks either on a retainer or hourly basis. Below is a list of commonly requested tasks, but if you don't see your need listed, just reach out! 


We currently have a select few monthly retainer spots open. Our monthly retainer program helps to support you with all aspects of your business. We will discuss your task list each month — this month you may need website support and next month may be a workbook creation. We work with you to build out the task list that you need help with so we can support you exactly where you need it. You'll receive priority treatment and I guarantee to complete all tasks in a timely manner. 

Monthly Retainers

No matter which option you choose, you receive priority treatment.

Hourly support 
3-5 day task turnaround
Custom project management system
Flexibility to increase hours (if available)

Enough said, i'm in!

Retainer Options

Avg 4-5 hours per week
Hours to be used within 30 days
3 month minimum term

20 hours/month

Avg 3-4 hours per week
Hours to be used within 30 days
3 month minimum term

15 hours/month

Avg 2-3 hours a week
Hours to be used within 30 days
3 month minimum term

10 hours/month

All retainer plans include:

retainer 1

retainer 2

retainer 3

Tech Tools

Systems and tools I work with and am familiar with

After you send over your initial contact, I will be in touch within 24 hours. 

You will select your package and start date. We will also set up our agreed-upon payment schedule (all packages are on a payment plan, the full balance is not due at once!)

Step One

the process

While you wait for your start date, we will send a variety of questionnaires to you to get all your ideas for your brand or website. You will also work on your inspiration board. 

This is when we will develop your inspiration, create your strategy and you will continue to gather any information and content for your website (if purchased).

Step Two

the process

This is when you can sit back and relax! I will get going on the concepts and send you revisions as needed. We will review your site with you and send over training videos to help you navigate your site and make any updates in the future. Voilà! You're ready to launch!

Step Three

the process

Let's discuss your project and needs further. 

Sound like a plan?

I've got you! Head on over to our design services for entrepreneurs and creatives to see how we can best help you.

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