April 22, 2020

Font Spotlight Vol. 1


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I have always loved fonts and the way they can totally change the look of marketing material, logos, branding, etc. With that, I’m excited to launch a new Font Spotlight every month highlighting some of my favorite fonts – paid and free!

Sauvage Font

I recently saw this one on Creative Market while hunting for an art-deco font for a new brand I’m working with. It wasn’t the right fit for the brand, but I love the art-deco style it has with some amazing glyphs! You could use this for a logo, as your brand header font… so many options!

view the font

Blackstone Font

I always love a good script font, especially when it looks like modern calligraphy. I personally love to use these kinds of fonts for signatures and graphics on websites and marketing materials. It could be used for so much more!

view the font


Following along with the art-deco style font featured, Manifesto is a free font available for download!

view the font


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